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Press Relations

Mass media coverage with a personal touch.

Guaranteed Exposure

Tinsli PR is a one of a kind, pay-after-results service that gets organizations, founders and products featured in prestigious and influential publications that reach millions of readers and potential customers every day.

Strategic Narratives

Our content creators specialize in developing explosively viral stories that our content distributors get published by leveraging relationships at major publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Inc.

Distinctive Authority

As industries become increasingly crowded, a brand's story is more relevant than ever before. Distinguish your organization from the masses and build your brand's trust with featured profiles in authoritative publications.


  • Conceive

    Pick an influential publication that builds your brand’s prestige and reaches millions of readers.

  • Develop

    Our writers work with you to develop a story that’s interesting, informative and highly shareable.

  • Review

    Review our content, give us your input and we'll make revisions until you're completely satisfied.

  • Publish

    We leverage our extensive network to get your story published in your chosen publication.

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